Saturday, May 30, 2009

Did we really WANT this?

When we bought our house we both said "land", we want a house with some land. Well we have 1.25 acres.....we have wildlife galore (I would post pics but the roadrunners and hummingbirds are way too fast). So here is Craig doing his guns up - on the deere.....thank goodness for Riding Mowers

Friday, May 29, 2009

Navy Son

Well I got word from my Navy son that he begins "check out" on Monday. I guess in Navy terms that means he will be home soon - woohoo! Im excited about this because I have not seen him in over a year and I have only spoken to him on the phone once. Most of our exchange has been via email and instant messenger. I have him home for 30 days - then he is off to Italy. Im not sure how long he will be assigned there but my hope is that it will be a little easier to communicate with him.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

By the way...

Not only did the garden survive - We now have actual tomatoes and peppers - pretty exciting stuff! AND the cantaloupe plant has 3 new blooms, along with another zucchini or two..... I will post photos soon. I shall prevail over this crazy Texas weather and its pea size hail!

Photos as promised: Some kind of pepper (banana maybe?) and then my roma tomatoes.

Choir Concert Tonight

Well we had yet another Senior event to attend and it was actually pretty fun. The Choir put on a 2 hour concert with some pretty funny stuff in it. As you will see in some of the pictures that follow. They gave out awards - I guess Travis must have been doodling on his music because he didn't get any awards and then they recognized all the Seniors which was cool. The Chorale is really very good for a small town school choir!
Some of the highlights:

JV/V Men singing Greased Lightnin'

Great Picture of the Chorale Singing Hair - you gotta see Travis with the long hair!

And of course The Wells Fargo Wagon from The Music Man

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Storms = bad for the garden

We had some storms last night - I did'nt think much of it, because being born and raised in Texas, I guess I have kind of gotten used to them. When I was young, I hated them, but now, not so much. Anyway, I got up this morning to let the dogs out, and my tomato trellis was blown over, along with all 3 of my tomato plants (I sure hope they did'n't break at the base), one of the pepper plants losts its protective pot around the bottom of it and my poor cantaloupe plant was laid out flat.....my hope is that the sun will come out today and perk them all back up. I didn't post photos because I tried to reset the messed up plants before I thought about it...but if they are not better by this afternoon, I will post pics.

Poor Garden, what a beating it took :(

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Band Banquet

As some of you know, it is Travis' senior year - as he is about to embark on many "firsts", he is also taking on a few "lasts". Last night was his last AHS Band Banquet. Craig and I were there and a good time was had by all. Craig and I were honored with a picture collage of the current year band boosters (we spent many long hard hours as Boosters of the last 4 years) but the best part was Travis recieved some awards. On the yearly band trip (this year was Breckenridge) the kids have a cooking contest voted on by the directors - this year Travis entered his fabulous stir fry - one of his awards was for his dish: "Most likely to be served in a chinese restaurant run by Albanian Immigrants" - we are not sure what that means but it was kinda funny. His next award was another "most likely" this one is voted on by the band officers. He was voted "most likely to be arrested with no pants on"; again, we are not real sure about that...we asked Travis, he said "I have no idea". Ok then...moving along. He recieved an award for best in section - probably because he is an all-area, state qualifying saxophone player. He will be playing next year at UNT, in the Marching band. Then he recieved a nice goody bag of stuff given to each of the seniors....pretty fun stuff! We are really proud of him! Good Luck at UNT kiddo, glad your staying kinda close to home :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Square Foot Gardening

So with the kids off doing their own thing I thought to myself, "self, you better find a hobby". Well once upon a time I tried row gardening - it was scarey because in the battle of the weeds the weeds won - see?
I have decided that my new hobby is square foot gardening. If you have never heard of it you should look it up cuz its really very cool and it works like magic - no weeds and everything grows just like its supposed to. Now due to the extreme number of rabbits we have out here, we built ours with legs, up off of the ground. This works great and so here is a pic of what it looked like when we first built it.

Next is the beautiful square foot garden as it is today and check out that zucchini - is that cool or what?
By the way, the book, if your interested is Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day

As we head into Memorial Day weekend, Im sure most think "ah, a long weekend" - but I think of how we should take a moment to think of, thank, and most of all, pray for our men and women who serve. I know mostly we think of those in Iraq and Afghanistan but we have armed forces serving all over the world and they deserve, prayer and praise as well. So from a Navy Mom to all of the armed forces, thank you for your service, God Bless You and wherever you are, whatever your job, stay safe for there are those back home who Love you and need you. Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So this is kinda cute, right? Now to add some pictures -and I will, soon, I promise :)

But just so you know, I didn't just start this thing and forget about it....Im working on it....honest!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Checkin it out

So, alot of our freinds have blogs, facebook, myspace, twitter -you name it - so we are giving it a shot.

Besides we have a son in the Navy who is out of the country, and another headed off to college so they can check in from time to time and it will be fun!

You will have to be patient during the construction phase, while we add photos and fix up the place....but soon, it will be awesome! So....stay tuned!

College Boy in the Snow

College Boy in the Snow

Navy boy in Greece

Navy boy in Greece