Thursday, October 29, 2009


Why do I have to be the one who works closer to home? That means that I am the first one home in the afternoons......when your the first one home to a house with THREE BOXERS living in it - you never REALLY know what your going to find. Even though they are "sequestered" to particular spaces there is still that GREAT unknown - as boxers are VERY CREATIVE animals. But on this particular occasion it was not their creativity so much, as the fact that ONE of them was not ummmmm (looking for delicacy here) feeling well. This is the 2nd time in a month that I have come home to (again delicacy) a huge mess and since I get home almost a full hour ahead of the hubby - I have to go ahead and clean it up alone. So I pulled on my rubber gloves and got to work. I had just finished when the DH came in the door all smiling and happy - I on the other hand.....was NOT! His first question.....Uh oh, why do you have the mop and bucket out?

Man, I HATE being the first one home!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Got Bored

So I changed my layout - tell me what you think?

Sounds of the Stadium

The Hubby and I got off work and made the trek to Denton to see College Boy and BAND perform last night. It was called Sounds of the Stadium and if you have never heard a full college band perform INSIDE a coliseum - it is something to be heard - though you will likely NEVER hear anything else again :) - We didn't realize we had the added treat of getting to hear all 3 high school bands from the Denton area (being band parents and boosters all through high school, we enjoy this sort of thing) The area schools are Denton High School, Guyer High School and Ryan High School - now, no offense to those high schools but the difference between these guys and when UNT took the court - was staggering - and when UNT plays You'll never walk alone (which is kind of their THEME song) it will almost make you cry.

Afterward, we took college boy to dinner - cuz goodness knows they don't get enough to eat at college (yeah right) - and we had a very nice visit. Of course, afterwards he says - can we run by the grocery store? I need a few things - and YOU all know who paid for those few things, right ?

Ahh the life of a college kid.

Monday, October 26, 2009

30th Reunion

Saturday night we attended my 30th High School reunion - about 70 people (out of a class of about 300) showed up - it was really very fun - most of the folks I was closest too were there (see a few pics on my facebook page) Its listed under Selita Sprunger - so not hard to find :) There aren't many of us out here in the world (Im sure there are several of you who will say Thank Goodness) hahaha - Anyway - I thought everyone looked pretty good and there is a rumor of a big reunion this summer involving the first 5 graduating classes from our high school. I always like to remember that MY class was the "Charter Class" - first Seniors to ever graduate from our high school - so it was cool ...now if I just had my class ring back :( (someone stole it from me, Senior year).

Friday, October 23, 2009


Ok, get this....college boy (who has come home every NON Football game weekend since the semester started) calls up and says - Im not coming home this weekend - I have plans with "the guys" - "ok..sounds good" (saves me 2 drives to Denton, right?) - "What are these big plans", I ask....."ohhhh we're just gonna go to the park and hang out and stuff, cuz thats what we do" - I said "oh please - Im not so dumb that I believe that you and your buddies "planned" a weekend of hanging out in the park" - so I let it go for a day or two - finally today, I text him and I say - so you gonna tell me what YOUR REALLY doing this weekend? He makes me promise not to get mad *rolling my eyes* College boy is headed to Austin with 4 of his buddies to some medieval convention where they will stay in some kind of tent village "for the full medieval effect" he says. I thought - the boy is 18, what did he think I was going to do, ground him? HA HA HA HA HA YEAH , RIGHT! So, safe trip college boy - call me when you get back!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who knew?

I guess when I had my children - wrapping myself up in what they were doing, being all about them and their needs and just "being there" were the most important things in my life. It was what everybody that I know did - but now they are 18 and 23 - out in the world doing their own thing (how many times have I said that lately? I am still trying to convince myself that it is a good thing). So where did all my friends go? Where did all the people I knew when I was doing what they were doing go? Its strange, but I was planning to go shopping the other day and everyone was working and it popped into my head.....I have no friends.

Don't get me wrong - I have lots of aquaintances and alot of people I know, but if I needed someone to just call up and talk or maybe talk into going shopping with me or I don't know, just have lunch (that is not a family member)......I have no one. Is that sad and pathetic or just me feeling sorry for myself? Work, Home, Church, repeat.

I guess I wonder who knew this would happen? I used to have friends, I used to have people to hang out and do stuff - or just talk on the phone to - but mostly it was for our kids and less for us. So if I can give any advice to those who are going through raising your children and keeping your life like a moon revolving around their little planets - don't lose your friends......one day you will wish you had them.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Diet Update

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - diet is still going - really I am shifting from calling it a diet to a lifestyle change because clearly I can't go back to what I was doing, after all - thats what GOT me here, right? So, unofficially (since I haven't seen my doc yet) the count is 17 pounds. So at least Im going in the right direction. Motivation is starting to lag a bit just because Im pretty sure Im coming up on a plateau (I can tell when the loss starts to s l o w d o w n) and THAT is what always gets me.....so I have to figure out how to MUSCLE through the plateau.........so - on we go.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I guess I just did it all wrong. Somewhere I lost my manual on how to raise a child. Somewhere I must have messed up and flipped the whole thing upside down. My boys are now 23 and 18. The oldest is off with the US Navy, in Italy somewhere - I get occasional emails letting me know he is still alive and well. The youngest is off at college doing whatever college, freshman, boys do - I really don't hear from him unless he needs something.

So - last night Im on the internet because Navy boy had emailed about Oktoberfest and said to go to his facebook page and see pictures - which I promptly forwarded to everyone in the family(including his dad and step mom) so everyone could enjoy the update........only I see one of the lines on his page tells me: (MY son) has listed (step mom's name) as his mother.....hmm, I think....well thats nice to know. I actually found that I was very HURT by what was probably an innocent statement. Later, Im talking to college boy, who informs me that my calls to him are NOT helpful, in fact they are distracting so I told him, ok, you know my number, call me if you need me. Afterwards I thought - wow - what did I do? One doesn't claim me as his mom - despite 23 years to the contrary, the other tells me I am distracting him - all I can think is - wow, I must have done this parenting thing alll wrong.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Family Weekend

I almost forgot to talk about Family Weekend and as soon as I pull the pictures off my cell phone, i will add them to this.

Family Weekend at UNT turned out to be more fun than I expected. While Friday night didn't really START out that way - Saturday redeemed the weekend for me (even though UNT lost the football game in true UNT fashion). Friday night the MIL and I (the hubby was returning from a business trip) went up for dinner and "we thought" watch the college boy perform at the Pep Rally - well apparently when you have a band the size of UNT's band your pep bands are broken up into different squads........pep rally wasn't the college boy's squad.......do we wound up going to the mall instead where he bought a new jacket and all was well with the world.

Saturday, was fun -we ate, hung out in mean green village and then watched the mean green march.....LOVED IT - there was a hilarious guy dressed in a green suit that covered his face and all - the dancers (seperate from the Cheerleaders) are on par with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (Yes, they are THAT good) and over all, I was impressed.

The Band - well, what can you say about one of the top ranked bands in the US - they were exceptionally good and Dr. W (the director) is without a doubt one of the nicest, most laid back and competent marching band directors I have had the pleasure to watch.

We had dinner with the college boy, after the game and then took him back to the dorm and drove home.....it was a first for me, seeing a college game and all those crazy kids that dress up in the school colors and paint themselves - It would have been nice, if they had won but I supposed UNT is not "known" for its football program - but just for good measure: GO MEAN GREEN

College Boy in the Snow

College Boy in the Snow

Navy boy in Greece

Navy boy in Greece