Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tech Vs. Baylor

On Saturday we went to the Tech/Baylor game - the game was real good - and close and we yelled and yelled and game out victorious. Thanks to Staci for getting the tickets. Cowboys stadium was amazing and being in the company of good friends was a double blessing. But now..its back to work and real life :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Iwant to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends/family.....Mother of the American Thanksgiving, Sarah Hale wrote, "Let this day be the grand Thanksgiving Holiday of our nation, when the noise and tumult of worldliness may be exchanged for the laugh of happy children, the glad greeting of family reunion, and the humble gratitude of the Christian heart".

And while your at it, please remember all our men and women in the armed services who can't be with their families on this day, and say a prayer or your own, for each of them. They certainly deserve Thanksgiving.

Happy Birthday Navy Boy - I appreciate your service and every time I proudly wear my United States Navy Mom sweatshirt - I have at least a dozen people who ask me to tell you how much THEY appreciate your service. So to you and your friends, those with whom you serve, I hope all of you know you are appreciated and that I love you with all my heart!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Homeopathic Medicine

First of all, let me say, that I am HUGE believer in homeopathic medicine. Several years ago I was suffering (and I do mean suffering) from what the doctors called, Chronic Ulcerative Colitis. My GI doctor had me on 3 different medications, one of them a sulfer drug - which is really not good for ANYONE to take and so I went on a hunt to cure myself of this condition. I took myself off of ALL the medications and began taking Aloe Vera and Salmon Oil gel caps (cuz liquid aloe vera tastes like feet and Im not ever drinking that again!) (Oh and my side note to keep me out of trouble 1- I am NOT a homeopathic doctor or herbalist or anything and 2 - if you decide to try something like this, please consult your doctor) ok, now hopefully i won't get sued......anyway, I completely cured myself of the "Chronic" illness that had plagued me.....at my next visit to my GI doc he said, whatever your doing, keep it up - you have cleared up all signs of the colitis - OK YEAHHH I rock! So, moving on......growing up a I NEVER had issues with allergies....I turned 30 and it was like WHAM - and the evil sinus monster SPOKE "NOW YOU HAVE ALLERGIES and THEY WILL BE BAD" and yes, they are. I heard of a homeopathic sinus spray called Sinus Buster - ok, a normal person might have said - Sinus Buster ? Really? Let me know how that works out for ya....but me, even after I saw the picture of a red pepper on the front of the box AND read "contains capsacin" I said "how bad can it be?" so I bought it. Took it home, opened the box, read all the labels, yes even the part about the "temporary sensation" and used the spray..............................................................................have you ever been hit in the nose so hard it made your eyes water? Imagine that and then multiply it by about - oh, I don't know - 100 ? And you can't get it out - its a very fine spray and when its there, its there....so I waited - it seemed like a really really long time but Im sure it was probably 30 seconds or so - and the "sensation" was gone......and I was like Wow, ok - my sinuses ares opening - its a miracle!!!! But it didn't last terribly long so I knew this was one of those homeopathic remedies that you have to build up in your system - which meant the "sensation" would be felt MANY TIMES OVER.......hoping that round 2 would be better was short lived - I sprayed, my eyes watered, I made some kind of sound between a groan and a yelp - 30 seconds later, gone....all better......and then again this morning. I thought WHAT IS WITH THIS STUFF, why doesn't it get any better ? But Im not giving up - I WILL PREVAIL!

Wore Myself Out!

Friday night we stood in line for over an hour to see New Moon - ok, yes I admit it, it was worth it - the special effects and characters are just fabulous. Saturday we hit the ground running, we took College Boy's car to the Subaru dealership, drove to Denton to watch UNT barely lose to Army (it really was a good game), went to dinner with my parents and College Boy, took College boy back to campus, then went home - at this point, I was already a little tired. Then Sunday we went to church and as we always do, went to lunch afterwards with Hubby's parents - since Hubby and I needed to go to the mall anyway to finish shopping for Navy Boy, we ate lunch at the mall, did some shopping, went to another store, did some shopping (I am being vague on purpose in case Navy Boy or College boy reads this blog, which Im pretty sure they NEVER do but still, playing it safe) and then headed home to change and finish our errands....it was about that time, that I remembered that I was supposed to call my bestest bud and see about going to the movies (Sorry "A" I didn't forget you, I remembered before I forgot again - I still love you) and then we resumed our rat killing (errand running for those not "in the know" on that term. Target, Grocery store, etc. The highlight of the day was buying a stand mixer - I have wanted one FOREVER - but the Hubby, while watching America's Test Kitchen on Saturday - discovered which one was best, so it was time to buy me one...woohoo! By the time we got back home - I made some pumpkin muffins for breakfasts this week, cleaned up and I was DONE, FINISHED, OVER. Somehow I always need Monday just to recover from the weekend.

With that said - Hey "A" lets do lunch, call me!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kinda Sad

I was just sitting here thinking, when I realized that Navy Boy's birthday is in 9 days.....this makes the third year in a row that I do not get to spend his birthday with him. When he turned 22 - he was in Great Lakes, IL in Navy boot camp (he did get to call me, but he was so sick, and they had taken out his wisdom teeth, and he had dry sockets - when I hung up the phone, I must have cried for an hour). When he turned 23 - the "poor" boy was in Greece, on the island of Crete....STUCK on an island in the Mediterranean. And then this year, turning 24 - he is in Naples, Italy. So, while its really cool to be him - having birthdays all over the world, I am sad for myself not getting to see him or spend it with him. However, I always send boxes of good stuff for Halloween, Thanksgiving/Birthday, and then a bigger, better one at Christmas.....so he knows Im here and that I love him ...... I guess in the big scheme of things, thats all that really matters, that he knows I love him and that he is safe, huh?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have this very quirky personality (yes Im sure there are a couple of people who will comment on this statement) but the first thing people usually say - within about 10 minutes of meeting me is, YOUR SO FUNNY! Its also very common, when Im really angry and going on about something for people to say, YOUR SO FUNNY WHEN YOUR MAD.......well that one throws me a little because sometimes when your mad, you want SOMEONE to take you seriously....well - that seldom happens. But the most perplexing thing to me is when Im trying to be funny, or WANT to be funny - I am sooooooooooooo not funny. I am the SINGLE WORST joke teller on the planet...I NEVER EVER get them right. I guess that just kinda proves that you gotta be who you are and not try to be who you aren't and work with what God gave ya!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday, really? *ugh*

This week is dragging........I don't even have alot to say......just that!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Good Weekend

I picked up college boy on Friday night - I actually took he and one of his college buddies to dinner (the buddy took college boy to the DMV when college boy LOST HIS WALLET for the 2nd time this semester) - I promptly informed him that I was not cancelling his debit card, buying a new wallet or worrying over his lost drivers license - he could do it all HIMSELF this time and then MAYBE he would be more careful. When he bought his new wallet - it had a chain that attached it to his pants........maybe THAT will work!

Oh yeah, about the car - HE LOVES IT - he called it awesome and spent all day Saturday running around town in it.....so I was happy about that.

Saturday afternoon, there was an impromptu gathering of some old friends from 20+ years ago and we had a great time, we laughed, we took silly pictures and we just caught up - but the funny part was - it was like we had never been apart - we just picked right back up :) It WAS SO MUCH FUN! "A" fixed chili - oh it was good :) And later she fixed hot dogs but "K' and I had to stop her and ask her what the heck she did, as we were watching. She put water in a pan, put the hot dogs in the pan and then squirted a bunch of ketchup in the pan........we were skeptical but we must admit, the dogs were good!

We will do this again soon - it was too fun not to!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Day

I was off yesterday, it was Veteran's Day and the credit union is closed. It is so nice to have a day off in the middle of the week when most other people are working.

I went with the hubby to pick up college boys "new" car - and that was ridiculous: The guy who sold us the car, shows up, has us sign papers, takes the money, hands me the keys, and off he goes. I, being a responsible adult, lock the car doors and go up to take the tour of hubby's office. I come back down, get out the key to unlock the door, slide the key into the lock and it won't turn - hmmmm - so I go to the other door - slide they key into the lock and it won't turn - same thing with the trunk.......Now, keep in mind.....I took this key OUT of the ignition - this key STARTS the CAR! So, I call THE GUY who sold me the car....."Whats the deal with the keys? I can't open the doors", "Oh yeah, that key doesn't work on the doors, there is no key to the doors", "What? You gave me a key to the car that won't open the doors?", "yeah", "But I locked the car, now I can't get in, what am I supposed to do?", "Call a locksmith, I guess", "Did you know about this?", "yeah", "Why didn't you tell me there was no door key", "you didn't ask, maybe you should have checked the car out a little better" - OHHHHH NOOOOOOO I was NOT having that - so I told him HE COULD CALL THE LOCKSMITH AND HE COULD PAY FOR IT. After "some discussion (those of you who know me, will know how that conversation went and I that I DID NOT LOSE said discussion) THE GUY sent me a locksmith and he paid for it. However, now we know that we have to replace the ignition switch AND rekey all the locks to fit the new ignition key....oh joy! The fun of buying a used car! Other than that, that is one awesome little car.

Later, I went to meet an old friend for lunch - we met at 1 - when we finally left the restaurant - it was 3:45 - I bet our waitress was not very happy but the restaurant wasn't crowded so its not like we were keeping someone else from sitting down.

Followed by choir and dinner out before heading home totally and completely worn out :)

All in all, it was a good day :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Veterans Day

While I am thinking about it....tomorrow is Veteran's Day - not just myself but many of my friends have children scattered about the world, protecting our freedom - even while I worry about the way things are going here in the good ole USA. However - I want to say now - in front of all who read my blog - I am proud of our family members -fathers, sons, brothers, mothers, daughters, sisters - everyone who has or currently serves in our military - you are the reason we have what we have and why we ARE the greatest country in the world. My wish for you this day is to stay safe and always remember.... YOU ARE AN AMERICAN - BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE!

What the heck just happened?

So Im working......like any normal work day - my phone rings and someone says to me "Hello, this is a blast from the past" they use my name......so Im a little confused until the voice says "This is your old friend "A" and I have been looking all over for you" - Well you could have knocked me OVER with a feather. I have been friends with this wonderful lady for about 24 years but we had been estranged for probably 7 of those.....we lost touch and just quit talking. Life gets in the way - as we all know. We also have a mutual friend that I had had a HUGE falling out with some 5+ years ago and they were back in touch, as well. I tell "A" "well I will be ready to move on if "K" calls and apologizes". (Unfortunately, my memory is good and pretty long and it had been a very hard few years, without my other dearest friend) I hang up with "A" and moments later the phone rings - it was a voice I would have recognized anywhere - It was "K" calling to apologize but the minute I heard her voice, I knew the apology wasn't necessary. Out of no where two of the three Musketeers reappeared........and The Three Musketeers Ride Again.....it has been a very very good day :)

Monday, November 9, 2009


Saturday morning the Hubby and I drove to Carrollton to see a man about a car (no really, we did) and we wound up purchasing said car for College Boy. You see, a few years ago we bought College Boy the cutest truck - a little white Mazda B2500 with blue and green pinstripes and looks almost new. BUT....it has a manual transmission - yes, we tried to teach him to drive it, and yes "technically" he can, BUT I am a mom and my mom brain says - teenage boy, who has trouble driving a stick shift, driving around in what amounts to a big tin can - ummmmm no. Now he has a 2000 Subaru Impreza -now, I would tell you the car is cute but College Boy takes offense to that so I will instead tell you - ITS COOL. And it really is a GUY car. He has not seen this car yet, but he is the one who found it and sent me pictures and info so he KNOWS about it. He is pretty excited to say the least. Now - who wants to buy a really cute little truck?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Roomate - the Saga of #3

Well it appears that college boy has had it with roomate #2. See roomate #1 was PERFECT - but last year he had requested a private room and none were available but when he got to school - well, one became available, so perfect roomate #1 - moved out.

Enter roomate #2 - not such a perfect match. Roomate #2 is the type that drinks Perrier and joins greek fraternities (ummm have you met my son? He is SOOOO not the type to do that stuff). Besides roomate #2 is a bit of a NEAT FREAK - so if College Boy was gone for the weekend - he would chunk all of his stuff into the closet :( - AND if he didn't have an 8AM class he would get up and turn College Boy's alarm clock off so HE would then miss HIS 8 AM class - I told College Boy - that better stop or I am going to take care of THIS problem......if he wants to pay for you to re-take that 8 AM class then fine but if not, he had better not touch your clock (yeah Im kinda mean when you rub me the wrong way).

So today I get a text message from College Boy - "Probably moving into a new room tomorrow"
- So I said to him "Whats up, call me when you get out of class" - here is the SHOCKER - HE DID - he called me when he got out of class - EEEK - I think he might be possessed !?!?!?!

Anyway - a guy downstairs roomate just moved out - this is a guy that College Boy is kinda "cool" with (these are his words so please don't judge based on this post) so they are going to room together.......*sigh* I just said good luck, don't leave anything behind AND call me with your new floor and room number........

I hope this is a better roomate for him.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I am going to rant for a minute - so if you don't like ranting then don't read my post. Home Builders are the WORST. They are criminals who get away with stuff, and I for one am sick and tired of it. So sick and So tired in fact that if I find an attorney who will take my case (and only get paid if we sue for attorney's fees and win) then Im suing! I have had 5 years of pain and suffering over my well! It was not dug deep enough and now including all the PAST problems with not being able to drink the water and having decent water pressure and having a faulty pressure tank - NOW all my appliances including my toilets and shower are being ruined by sand and sediment (and oh yeah, dead ant pieces) that SHOULD NOT EVEN BE GETTING INTO MY HOUSE! Today the home builder's construction person was so rude to me that I just wanted to scream! Its just a matter of time before I have to replace all my appliances because of the sand and sediment.......I wrote a letter to the CEO, I wrote a letter to consumer affairs.com and in 5 days , Im writing to the better business bureau and the Texas Homebuilders Association AND the media.....I have had it - its not like I did something to cause this - this is faulty workmanship at its core - and someone needs to pay for it BESIDES ME!

Ok, rant complete - anybody have any suggestions?
Im calling Shelly Slater at Channel 8 :)

College Boy in the Snow

College Boy in the Snow

Navy boy in Greece

Navy boy in Greece