Thursday, September 16, 2010

Going Good

So the hubby is on day 4 of the new job. He REALLY LIKES IT - he is, of course, nervous about having to learn a totally new system but he is smart and he can do it. I think the last 2 layoff has kind of done a number on his self confidence but Im sure once he gets in and gets comfortable that will come back :) As for now, its all quite on the home front :)

I have not heard from the kiddos in Italy but I did see on the DIL's page that her flight back from London nearly crashed......they were in turbulence, lost altitude, the oxygen masks dropped and the pilot told them to prepare for a crash landing....thankfully, he regained control of the plane and set her safely back down in Italy. Of course, If I was her, it would be a loooonnnnnggggg time before I got back on another airplane :) (note to DIL - they have SHIPS that make that trip too :)

The younger of the boys - College boy - has a friend in Arkansas - I guess he will be flying to see her in a couple of weeks. He has a great new job working our local hometown Sears store and he just loves it - the people he works with are wonderful people and the man is actually the OWNER of the store......College boy, delivers appliances, puts together grills and lawn mowers and will soon be learning about sales - so good job for him - oh and schools seems to going good for him as well.

As for me, I bought a book, called the Hormone Diet - yes I know Im always looking for that magic bullet that will take all this extra weight AWAY from me, but the two week detox seemed to work.....cravings for sweets and carbs is gone and best of all I have lost 10 pounds! So for now, this is the way I will go :)

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College Boy in the Snow

College Boy in the Snow

Navy boy in Greece

Navy boy in Greece