Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It has taken me over a week to be able to write this - I have lost pets before but none that affected me as deeply as this one. He was much more like a child with fur - a child that we raised for 10 1/2 years only to lose him to Lymphoma and if that had not taken him the severe heart murmur would have.

He was 11 1/2 when he died and a joy to everyone who met him.

Pete was our first boxer and a rescue. We got him at the ripe old age of 1 and when we went to see him - to see if we connected with him, he ran out of the house, leash on and in his mouth, all set to take himself for a walk. The beautiful prancing trot and that boxer face - I was sold, and told the hubby "he is coming home with us today" and he did.

He was an in-the-house dog and pretty much house broken - in the 10 1/2 years that we had him, I think he only had 2 problems in the house and 1 of those was because he was sick. He helped to teach Shelby and Buster who was boss and it was never questioned. As he got older he learned to communicate with us. There are witnesses who heard him say mama more than once. When he was hungry there was a pattern of looking at you with "that look" and then a gentle paw on the lap and then if all of that was ignored - he would bark in that woowoo way that only a boxer can.

He was polite to visitors, even getting on his tummy for children visitors and as spoiled as any dog on this planet can be. He hated going out in the rain, to do his business, so sometimes we had to take an umbrella to keep him dry. He had his own bed and toys and we fed him the best food we could buy (with the occasional Frito), he loved to go in the car so sometimes he got to go for a ride - we took very very good care of him and loved him so much and in return he loved us in that unconditional way that dogs love their people. He was never really a dog to us...just a person in different skin :).

I won't write all about his illness and what happend because his life was not about "the end" - it was about the joy, the laughter, the silliness and the fun that comes with being the parent of a boxer. Yes, we have 2 more at home - Shelby who is 8 1/2 and Buster who is 3. I posted a picture of the trio at Christmas, and Im glad that I did because that was the last picture that I took of Pete.

I know that dogs have souls and I know where Pete's loving soul is and because of that I know that I will see him again someday and I will hug him and let him know how much I missed him for he is missed more than he could ever imagine! But for now, he is following Jesus around trying to get HIM to give him a treat :) (Im not trying to be sacrilegious, the thought made me smile).

Friday, January 22, 2010

Im just SO MAD

$3900 is what its gonna take to fix that car - which is fine, insurance is covering it ;however, Im just so mad that someone can cause THAT kind of damage to someone else's car and then drive off and never have to account for what they did. And there is Travis, a college kid, working a part time job, trying to get back and forth to school and work and his car will not be ready for like 2 weeks! We are making it work but there again, I don't blame him for being angry as well. Some irresponsible person, inconvenienced us, cost us money (we had to cover the deductible) and almost caused an injury and then just left the scene! My one HOPE is that SOMEDAY the get what is coming to them!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Somehow I guessed that more people would be interested in donating to cancer research but so far I have big fat Zero in donations - but oh well....the walk is several months away.

I have about had it with 2010 already - Last Sunday night we had to put our 10 1/2 year old boxer to sleep - I have never endured anything that broke my heart as much as that did. I have lost relatives and other pets but Pete was different, he was like a child - it will take a very long time to get over losing him.

Travis got hit on Friday night coming home from work - GREATFULLY he was not injured but his car was rendered undriveable and the JERK who hit him drove off - so now OUR insurance gets to pay an no rental car. School just started back for him AND he works downtown so we are having to trade and juggle cars to get everyone where they need to be.

Between the compressor on our a/c and my car breaking down - that cost us a LARGE SUM and now at the tail end of all this - Our Navy Boy is ready to take leave and come home from Italy and since its for R&R the Navy doesn't have to pay so NOW we are all trying to come up with $800 to get him home from Naples!

It feels like a never ending cycle and NOT a good one! Keep us in your prayers friends - it really needs to get better :/

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Susan G. Komen

So this year is the year that I am going to do it. 3 days, 60 miles - this is a big deal. Its one of the things on my "bucket-list" *LOL* I have wanted to do it for a long time so I have committed and now Im in. I hope those of you who read this blog, I know there are not many of you - will pass it on to your friends, especially those who have been touched by Breast Cancer and let me know, and if your able to, donate. Its a great cause, its alot of hard work, and it means alot to me. The event is in November and the fund raising must be completed by August (all $2300 of it, or else I have to commit to pay it) :( In the meantime, I will be training and participating in training walks of anywhere from 10-15 miles.......so this is not just an easy 3 days....there is alot that goes into ahead of time. So I hope you will join with me, through support, donations or whatever so we can be a part of wiping out Breast Cancer!

Monday, January 11, 2010

January *ugh*

It is past Christmas, its been really really cold , school is fixing to start back (for the college crew) and Im feeling kinda BLAH. Things didn't go so well for College Boy so he will be attending the local community college - he really wants to go into Culinary Arts so I figured, why not? At least its something! He is a pretty darned good cook :)

Navy Boy is supposed get leave on Feb 5th but they keep on rejecting it for random and various reasons so when they finally DO approve it, Im sure the airline ticket will cost a small fortune :( and guess what? The Navy doesn't pay for it so Im sure they really don't care.

I keep searching but can't really find a reason to be cheery and positive so I guess I'll just be BLAH til that reason comes along.

Happy 2010!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Simply Fondue

So yes College Boy got the job - making more than I figured he would for a "server assistant" however, I suspect he has a lot to learn about working in a "high end" restaurant. His first day he was late - his 2nd day he was almost an hour early (to make up for being late) and then he works again on Friday and I think Saturday. Anyway, this should be interesting to watch - I hope he does well but he is going to have to become MUCH MORE conscientous I think.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Ok, Im a slacker - I made it two days on the 30 day shred and now I have to start over....the good news is Im not as sore from starting over. So last night was Day 1 repeat - and yes, its still hard but I think after a week I might be ready for level 2 - we will see.

I think college boy might have a job.....he enjoyed simply fondue so much that he wants to work there. He went yesterday and spoke to the owner, the owner has to speak to the manager and then he is in! Yayyyyy

Navy boy has a serious girlfriend - she is here at home and he is off in Italy. Long distance relationships can be hard....but hopefully they can make it work.

Craig and I have a big goal of paying off our credit card debt and we are very close - I would say 7 months and DONE - and we will not do that again - we will save UP when we want to buy something!

All in all we are off to a good 2010 :)

College Boy in the Snow

College Boy in the Snow

Navy boy in Greece

Navy boy in Greece